Parent Information Session

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“Parents are the primary educators in the faith.”General Directory for Catechesis, 255

Please remember that prior to teaching this program to students, it is required to hold a parent information session.  While the school or parish must hold an information session, the absence of a particular student’s parents does not disqualify his participation in the program.

Remember, parents can choose that their children opt-out of chapters five and six, but not from the entirety of the program.

A Parent Session (about 75-90 minutes) should include:

  1. Watching the 33 minute Parent Overview DVD which is part of the Ascension Pres DVD Series
  2. Short Videos for Parents from Bishop Rhoades 

          Part I:

          Part II:


Spanish Version of Parent Video: 


3. Powerpoint (below) may be used

4. Question and Answer Session

5. Ideally, the presence of the pastor or parochial vicar or DRE

For more ideas, please also consult  “How to Run a Parent Session”

Please click below to download the PowerPoint:

Parent Information Session Powerpoint

Click below to download the entire Supplemental Curriculum:

Supplemental Curriculum