Chapter Five Resources


Click to download the PowerPoints for chapter five:

Chapter 5.1: Sex, Love, and Chastity

Chapter 5.2: Sex, Love, and Chastity

Chapter 5.3:Male and Female He created Them

Lesson Plans:

Click to download the lesson plans:

Chapter 5.3 Lesson Plan


Please click below to play Bishop Rhoades’ presentation to students on same-sex attraction.  The presentation is broken up into six segments.  Click on each video to play the appropriate segment.

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4:

Segment 5:

Segment 6:


Supplemental Lesson 5 Worksheet/Handout

Sharing Teaching Documents:

Below please feel to share and utilize those projects, worksheets and ideas which other teachers from around our diocese have found helpful and useful in teaching this chapter.

[None shared]


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