Chapter Three Resources


Click to download the PowerPoints for chapter three:

Chapter 3.1: Me, Myself and I

Chapter 3.2: Me, Myself, and I

Chapter 3.3: Loving Human Life

Lesson Plans:

Chapter 3.3: Loving Human Life


Windows to the Heart (Utilize in Chapter 3.3)

Tim’s Place (Utilize in Chapter 3.3)

Sharing Teaching Documents:

Below please feel to share and utilize those projects, worksheets and ideas which other teachers from around our diocese have found helpful and useful in teaching this chapter.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter Three Resources

  1. Alternate homework option for 3.3:
    Choose one of the groups we discussed whose lives are sometimes not valued as they should be by society:
    the elderly
    the unborn
    those with disabilities
    those who are seriously ill
    Choose one of the following media to convey (1) the beauty and dignity of all people within that group and (2) how we must honor and protect them:
    2-paragraph essay
    poem (12-line minimum)
    visual summary (combination of words and images to fill a standard 8.5×11 page)


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