Chapter Two Resources

Click to download the PowerPoints for chapter two:

Chapter 2.1: God’s Plan, Human Sin, Jesus’ Love

Chapter 2.2: God’s Love, Human Sin, Jesus’ Love

Chapter 2.3: God’s Spousal Love

Lesson Plans

Chapter 2.3: God’s Spousal Love


Spirit and the Bride–Matt Maher (Homework for Ch. 2.3)

Sharing Teaching Documents:

Below please feel to share and utilize those projects, worksheets and ideas which other teachers from around our diocese have found helpful and useful in teaching this chapter.

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One thought on “Chapter Two Resources

  1. May the Lord give you His peace!

    I created a “Prezi” which integrates all the content from the PowerPoints onto one platform. It is approximately 95% similar, however because of our specific situation, we discerned to go more in-depth for the “Girls Only” and “Boys Only” areas in Chapter 6.

    Here is the link for the Prezi, just copy and paste:

    If you wanted to use this but delete or add your own slides, send me an email and it would be very easy and very fast to do:

    God bless you all!

    In Christ,
    Br. Solanus Maria Glowiak


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